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San Antonio, Texas

January 17, 2010


Hello, My Friends,

What a fabulous 55th birthday party I had! The BEST party EVER! Like being shot out of a cannon. I'm still fizzy with joy. If you weren't there, don't miss the next one, next December 19th — the theme will be Pajama Pachanga. So buy your new pajamas now when they're on sale, and save them till then!

Did we have a wonderful time? You bet! The Luna Cabaret never looked lovelier with its swanky '50s look retouched by Franco Mondini-Ruiz. And tons of people showed, all dressed in leopard. I haven't seen that much leopard since I was at the Brookfield Zoo!

Ito Romo was the charming and funny emcee for the evening. There was heartfelt guitar music by Rudy Lopez from Conjunto Heritage Taller for openers, a wonderful series of songs from la gente. Then we had Hector Saldaña's The Krayolas and the Westside Horns shaking things up for us and rocking the house. In between the astonishing deejay Agosto Cuellar played oldies from the last 55 years. It was hilarious to see everyone dancing to "The Age of Aquarius" as well as Perez Prado's "Mambo Number Eight."

The night went on with Jose Ruben De Leon's moving Agustin Lara boleros. He was accompanied by Aaron Prado dazzling us on keyboard. We also had a spectacular visit by Tongolele — the incomparable dancer S.T. Shimi had all eyes on her in this role, and the whole joint held its breath until she finished, I'm not lying.

Then the mariachis arrived to belt out songs to make us weep — Las Erendiras — and they were magnificent, beautiful, and thrilling.

There was food from Las Manitas of Austin. Thank you, Cynthia and Libby Perez! There was a beautiful birthday cake from Page Barteau Catering.

Finally, Agosto Cuellar played music from my time — disco! And we danced until midnight. Did I mention attorney Dan Perry lent us his leopard stretch limo? It ferried me home that night with my feet worn down to nubs thanks to my disco heels. Good lucky I had a second pair of leopard slingbacks in my purse.

But what has happened to me lately? I used to be able to dance through all of "Disco Inferno," pero ya no. Oh, well, save that song for my cremation. Until then, I've got a lot of work to do before I become a sunflower!

Thank you for pledging your support for Macondo. Not only were we able to raise funds, but we raised animo. The most lovely testimonio came from manicurist Isabella Gonzalez who brought her mother and sister to the party, in the middle of making tamales! Her mom telephoned her the next day to thank her, because she had never been to such an unforgettable party. She LOVED it.

Ya vez. It was a tremendous night. But the next one will be better. Meanwhile I thank you all for showing your support to my vision. Thanks to all the Macondistas, friends, staff, board members, fundraisers, and all the fans who sent their greetings, good wishes, blessings, and pledges. I am so happy to have you in my life.




P.S. For writers interested in applying to the 2010 Macondo Writers' Workshop the deadline is around the corner Jan. 29, 2010. To apply visit www.macondofoundation.org.